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Tj Atkinson is a Property Investor and Property Entrepreneur. Tj owns and manages Buy To Let and Commercial property in London & Kent. Tj also specialises in Rent to Rent Serviced Accommodation, where he also coaches and mentors others to use as a foundational strategy to get started in property investing

He actively works with new and experienced investors to explore opportunities to create strategies to increase profit.

Tj offers an intensive training and mentoring programme. His reviews and success rates amongst his student is testament to his training style and desire to see his students succeed.

Tj Atkinson is a much requested property and wealth creation speaker. He regularly hosts the 'Breakthrough Property Events'. He is a best selling Amazon author of 'The Borrowed Property Strategy: How Anyone Can Earn An Income From Other People's Property', which you can order on Amazon...

Tj Atkinson spends his spare time coaching young entrepreneurs in his community, travelling and reading crime thrillers.

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Reviews & Testimonial

Taye Apanisile

Property Investor

I recommend it! The training was really good!

Tj was honest about every aspect of the business, positive things as well as negative things and how to prevent and be ready when the negative things happen!

All the information I received were relevant! That is the training that I was looking for!

Loved it! I am feeling confident. 5 stars!!!

Ashley Stewart

Property Investor & JV Partner

I attended the SA course last week and absolutely loved it.

Full of great content, not just the positives, but the negatives/risks that you can encounter.

Didn't ever feel like I was being sold to or the strategy being made to seem like something it's not.

Highly recommend!

Ezugo Okoma

Property Investor

Honestly, I’ve been to a few property trainings both free and paid. And I can definitely say that this has been one of the few trainings that has been so valuable!

If you read any of the reviews on TJ’s training one of the things you’ll hear is that he is honest and he doesn’t hide anything and this is so true. 

We were able to get our first deal within 30 days of having training with TJ and experienced the some issues he had taught on previously and knew precisely how to deal with it. 

I couldn’t recommend him enough!

Our Training Packages


Ruby Package - R2R/SA (No longer active)

1 Day Serviced Accommodation Intensive Training.

Serviced Accommodation A-Z

Getting Started in Serviced Accommodation 101

x2 15 minutes Coaching Call (Within 30 days of training)



Satin Package - R2R/SA

Pre-Recorded Online Serviced Accommodation Training.

Serviced Accommodation A-Z (Online)

x2 15 minutes Coaching Call (Within 30 days of purchase)



Emerald Package - R2R/SA (Mentoring)

Includes everything in Ruby Package

Deal Packaging Training

3 months mentoring and support

Contracts and Documents

WhatsApp Support

Coaching Call every 2 weeks

Company Set up & Branding



Sapphire Package - R2R/SA (Mentoring)

Includes everything in Ruby Package

Includes everything in Emerald Package

Deal Packaging Training

6 months mentoring and support

WhatsApp Support

Weekly Coaching Call

Marketing Mastery Training (Worth £2000)



Deal Packaging R2R/SA

Deal Packaging Training A-Z

How to pitch Landlords/Agents

Marketing Comprehensive 101 (How to market for investors)

Marketing Comprehensive 102 (How to market for deals)

x2 15 minutes Coaching Call (Within 30 days of training)



Facebook Ads Direct R2R/SA

Facebook Ads Training A-Z

How to use FB ads to find Landlords/Agents and Developers

How to use FB ads to find guests for your Serviced Accommodation Business

Funnels & Systemisation


My Latest Book

The Borrowed Property Strategy, shows new and aspiring property investor how to get started in property using some of the 'low money down' strategies.

We discuss:

How to get started in Serviced Accommodation

How it works

How to get Landlords and agents to give you properties

What types of properties are suitable

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Reviews & Testimonial

Kabir Habib Bakt

Property Investor

Tj is not like any other trainer i have met and i have been to a ton!!! He tells you the truth no upsell!! He answered every question i had about sa literally everything!!! Highly recommend him!! He gives you everything contracts sa calculator how to analyse the deal ect. If you are getting into sa hit up tj!! Like seriously DO IT!!!

Rocheal Stephenson

Property Investor

Tj is an amazing mentor and trainer. After meeting and working with him I've been able to make an ROI in less than 2 months! If your looking for an SA and deal sourcing trainer Tj is your guy. He is honest and truly wants his students to succeed!

Norberl Phyte

Property Investor

I really don’t know where to start from because me writing it will feel like not much information but I will state this. This is my first ever property training and I am glad I took my first step with TJ. I have watched people on YouTube and Instagram teach about property for sometime now but this training I took is mind blowing. The knowledge and information I had was incredible.

And it was in a group which made it more fun and had questions you might not think about come from everyone. We were able to use experiences to relate to everything TJ thought and it was an amazing experience. The value for TJ’s training is priceless. Everything was inclusive in this training and I cannot wait to start this journey. If you are interested in property and getting all information needed to start I will recommend you to train with TJ and you will never have a second thought about not starting your property business.
Taking this opportunity to thank TJ for a wonderful opportunity.